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Tiki Statue Carvings are hand made and for sale. Add a Tiki Statue to your home improvment house plan or tropical landscape. Place outside in your yard landscape, by a pool, or anywhere. I have several inside and around my house. They really add a lot of warmth and charm, not to mention a unique conversation piece. Tiki statues are hand carved, and no two statues are alike but can be carved to look similar. These are newly carved and not previously owned hand carved Statues. The Tiki Statues I carve are made from the trunks of very old Sabal Palms. The trunk will slowly change color, and a patina will develope over time which gives it an authentic cultured look. It is best if they are kept out of the rain or off the bare ground, but even so they will last for years. View pictures of these statues, and order directly from the artist through this web site which was created by the artist's friend. For a new twist in landscape design add a carving.






If you are a Fan of this show or a creature freak this is a must have tiki.







Here is a cool link with info about this and other television shows

This Tiki Carving is a replica to the Tiki on The Hawaiian Eye Episodes.



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